Recently we have been made aware of new phishing scam attacks that have affected some of our users. The scam involves our users receiving a message impersonating a moderator or admin and falsely claiming that you have been banned, or that you need to verify your identity. It appears to be an attempt to steal people’s identity.

#**1. We will NEVER message you directly!**

Our mods will NEVER message you directly through PMs or Reddit Chat for mod-related things, only through official modmail. The message will say it’s from /r/MassiveCock, and it may also have a **green [M]** indicating it is an official modmail. Additionally, [here is a list of all of our current moderators, so you can verify that you are speaking to a mod]( Anyone not on the list is NOT a mod and is NOT associated with us. So please do not reply to them!

#**2. We will NEVER ask for your full ID!**

It is only under very rare circumstances that we ask for ID, for age verification purposes only. If we do, we will make it **very clear** that you should NOT send us your full ID! We will ask for your D.O.B. to be the ONLY visible part of your ID. You should never share name, address, ID numbers, etc. with anyone, and we will not ask for it. Please note that we have only asked for age verification only a rare handful of times, and **none** in the past few months.

**We urge you to check your messages immediately if you think you’ve gotten a message that sounds like it matches the description above.** If you have, please report it to the Reddit admins by using

Please leave a comment below if you have any additional information on this phishing scam, or if you have any questions for us. And please, stay safe out there! Don’t let horniness or panic override your common sense!


  1. Thanks. I was unfortunately a victim.

    It seemed like a super realistic modmail at first. He asked for a pic of me with my face fully visible and me holding my ID right next to it. So I did it. Then he asked me for a clearer picture. Next, he was like “The verification step is almost complete. You have to post a picture of your dick with your full face next on r/MassiveCock to complete the verification.”

    Yeah I could be stupid for falling into the trap, but he was saying a bunch of legally intimidating things and he was talking about how the sub could have been shut down.

    r/MassiveCock mods good

    Impersonators bad

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