18 years old honest opinions please


  1. It is beautiful. Majestic even. Have you learned how to use it to please your lovers? It would be a shame to use it only to receive pleasure.

  2. I honestly think you have absolutely nothing to worry about, as far as posting here is concerned. You’re bound to be welcummed back, again and again, ok?

  3. We see lots of cocks here, but there are some that stop us in our tracks, I burnt rubber stopping at your whopper, imagining a long session bringing it up to climax!

  4. That should get the job done, son. Now go get it wet and learn to do some tricks with it. 😈

  5. My honest opinion is that there’s no way you’re only 18 lol but I’ll take your word for it

  6. It’s a great shape and size, and it looks plenty thick to cause that amazing stretch.

    I especially like that it’s topped off with a good mushroom head that will provide tons of stimulation.

    Learn to use that thing well and it will be a super power.

  7. How you got a full day on, healed and set tattoo if you “just turned 18”? Lying is unattractive, especially when you have 0 reason to.

  8. You’ve got a beautiful cock only thing is you need to have more light so we can see it and admire it and enjoy it better !!!

  9. I’d suck all over your sweaty cock and balls and let you use this boypussy after however you like 🀀

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