[18m] I may not be attractive but at least I have something going for me


  1. You are a beautiful guy with a curly hair…. nice eyes… delicious body and…. a powerful tool 🤩

  2. Dude you have a great bod, handsome face, good hair and a massive cock. Think you’ll find thats attractive.

  3. I beg to differ. You are fucking hot! Love that body, that curly head of hair, and of course, that awesome cock!

  4. Fuck me I need a cock and a man like you!! I got instantly wet looking at you 🤤🤤💦💦

  5. dont say your unattractive – go on youtube and look at men’s fashion show — paul smith fashion show – type that in and my god you will see the models are dogs your 100 x better looking and trust me they don’t have a kickstand like that – Thank God you didn’t grow up on my street when I was 19 – you would of been so sick of head you wouldn’t know what to do

  6. i just reversed search your pic on google here are the results no too shabby


  7. You’re crazy… u have an amazing body, big dick… just need a good haircut and you’d be da pimp.

  8. Well, to me, you are very attractive and have a great gun to play with
    Wish I could give you a great suck

  9. You’re very attractive. Although I’d say maybe try a hair style other than an asymmetrical mop-top.

  10. Baby please u fuckin beautiful lol like if I didn’t have a boyfriend I’d be blessed to be yours😚🥰

  11. You are literally one of the most beautiful men I have seen on this app. Regardless of antthing I already like you

  12. Besides being beautiful you have a gigantic cock. More confidence please and then conquer this world! 😀

  13. OMG Your stunning, you have it all man! Whoever told you that your not attractive Is a fool! On a scale or 1-10, Your off the charts doe! The guy that wins your heart will be the luckiest guy In the World!

  14. You have a great head of hair, but if you went short on top I think it would look fantastic. Just a recommendation. And you already have a lot going for yourself.

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