23 and super self conscious about my scars, I hope you guys and gals still find me attractive cause you’re all hot af


  1. Gorgeous. Honestly I really like unique looks. It’s like a painting on your already fantastic body. Just adds to it imo

  2. Before reading the title I already thought you looked beautiful. Imperfections are the creators of beauty. Without them, everyone would be the same, no one would stand out to anyone.

  3. Looks good dude! If you’re not too bothered by it, what are they caused by? I have a few scars myself aswell so I know the feeling lol

  4. I love this! My partner has psoriasis too and I love the unique look of the scarring- though I know it sucks to have.

  5. Thanks the posting. You’re a good looking dude, and your scars make you even more distinctive looking.

  6. I didn’t even notice until I read the caption. Your scars look fine to me. You’re hot too

  7. You’re cute as fuck! Dont worry about your scars, love yourself and screw anyone who speaks negatively! 😘

  8. I’d love to trace each one with a gentle finger and loving kisses <3 don’t let that voice in your head tell you you’re not beautiful the way you are.

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