Thank you for making this the most active male centered NSFW subreddit on Reddit. We may not have the most subscribers, but we do have the most traffic and the best content.

I also want to let you all in on a little secret..the thing that makes this subreddit so successful is that we take a hands-off approach to moderating with this sub. **The community basically runs itself**, with a little help from Autmoderator. Autmod filters spam domains, removes highly reported links/comments, and filters social media spam links. I think that’s what makes this subreddit so very special. **Your upvotes/downvotes and your reports are what help keep this subreddit so great.**

I’m sure many of you are completely unaware of this story, but only 2 years ago when I joined the mod team this subreddit was a spam pit. The majority of the submissions were photoshopped or links to random clickjacking sites. We were way behind communities like LBGW in daily traffic and new subscribers. Now we completely dominate both metrics. Our autmod configuration has been slowly perfected over time, and we are now linked on the sidebar of many other successful subreddits. It has been a slow build, but we have come out on top. This is by far the most active male centric porn subreddit on Reddit. Thanks to all of **you**.

Here’s to 100k ? Thank you for the continued support.