To those wanting to get verified – please go to [this post]( *Do not message us and ask us how to do it when it literally says how to do it.*

Do not spam message us right when you send your verification asking if we got through it yet – we are all humans, this is voluntary for us. We see it but give us time to sort through it. Majority of us moderators here do moderate multiple subreddits, so we’re at times dealing with over 300 messages a day.

With this whole COVID-19 issue going on please for the love of god refrain from posting your location. This subreddit is not a hookup.

ONLYFANS/JFF is still not allowed here – your post will be removed and instead of a 30 day ban you will be going up to a 60 day ban if it is caught. Don’t act stupid there are subreddits that allow it, but this is not one of them.

Do not post any other persons photos/content aside from yourself. You will be permanently banned. (We hate catfish)

Negative users will be banned permanently.

*This post will be updated when we can think of more to add*