H.A. Goodman Says Bernie Sanders Still Has a Chance

H.A. Goodman Goes After Pro-Clinton Media Bias


Anthony Weiner, disgraced former congressman, pleads guilty in ‘sexting’ case involving minor

Wikileaks Staff Legal Expenses

FBI Says a Laptop That Held Clinton’s E-Mails Has Gone Missing

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Favorability Ratings Show Hillary Clinton Is Unelectable and Bernie Sanders Wins a General Election

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Seth Rich, 27, was shot twice in the head in what appeared to be an attempted robbery near his home in a suburb of the US capital on July 10, but his belongings were not taken. Then Watch:

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H. A. Goodman With Jordan Chariton on TYT Politics:
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Watch first 2 minutes to see introduction:
Second interview:
If TYT attacks are true, then why did Jordan love my work not long ago First two minutes he kisses my behind
Justice Democrats And The Bernie Revolution Power Grab: Why TYT Remains ‘Neutral’ During DNC Lawsuit


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  1. ERIC SCHMIDT GOOGLE CEO IS SACK OF SHIT. Ok … got that out. I typed in Anthony Weiner in Search Box and NOTHING was listed about Sentencing, Guilty, or Plea Deal. Google is soft form of fascism. Let us lead you to nonsense and utter tripe. As opposed to the Truth.

  2. Yea, Bernie was a stand up guy …….. We know Hillary stole the primary from him and he was ultimately "o.k." with it. Imagine that kind of fortitude sitting in the Oval office. If nothing else, he would have been the sloppiest looking (and oldest) prez. ever. And the swamp would only be growing.

  3. "FLASH" English has just been replaced with fluent gibberish. And if you don't like the meaning of a word change it. Huh GOOGLE?

  4. "FLOOD WARNING" Major cesspools have erupted in the already crested swamp, and turds are headed for a state near you.Did you say prez. Sanders? Dude Bernie Sanders is a sellout. You still don't get it!? Use your common sense to your Bernie problem.

  5. Hm. Huma (probably mutilated, cos her mum's all for it) + Tony (unhinged priapic egotist) = LUXURIANT IRONY.

    Or am I getting irony wrong?

  6. I think the filename "Life insurance" says a lot. why would all those sensitive emails be in a file with that name?

  7. How many of you women have broken into a computer from which you received a text message? Show of hands please. HA is the most computer illiterate young person on YouTube! Rewired the State Dept? He doesn't even know how the internet works, and he's not a girl!

  8. A single charge is a far cry from actual accountability. He will not serve a day in jail, you watch. He'll squeal in exchange for an Israeli citizenship and disappear from sight. FBI insiders have said the 650,000 emails on his laptop were found to have child porn content that was so deprave even they were traumatized to have to see it. This man and #JohnMolesta deserve to be prosecuted to the fullest extent, not slapped on the wrist and using a single charge to cover for hundreds of thousands of crimes perpetrated by many more in his circle. Weiner is the scapegoat to cover for #Pedogate. I hope if he does go to jail, they eat him alive.

  9. And if we had a president Sanders, HA? What then? What kind of president allows election fraud? Obama that's who. He has pushed the Russia hacking lie, gone back on regime change in Syria, supported the white helmets, gone on a unity tour with nasty Perez… What would he have done in the office?

  10. stick your fucking fake ass title up your neocon racist Trump-supportin ass you fucking loser. Prepare to have your ass impeached

  11. Just because someone calls themselves a democrat doesn't mean that they are a democrat. Hillary and company are NOT fucking democrats! What god damn positions are they democrat on? They're cool with gays and abortion? And they whisper sweet nothings to black people? And now Hispanic because they are getting numbers? These people are vipers. They are neo cunts oops I mean CONS that are cool with the gay and queer community. War crimes and corruption are at stupefying levels. Damn.

  12. well, THAT'S news to me: "Fracking causes earthquakes" ??? Where did you get this 'info.' ?

  13. Well all those who worry about Tump and Russia do not care at all about national security. Just nationally disgracing Trump and if that means wrecking the entire country so be it. Well fuck that just waiting for all hell to break lose when they go in for the kill on our commander and chief. All be ready God bless you and God bless America GO TRUMP!

  14. Weiner sexted women only in USA? This needs checked out. Is Weiner a dual citizen? Is Huma a dual citizen? These are questions we should be talking about openly. The only reason we do not is because there are so many spies in the government and media that they control the questions AMERICAN PEOPLE are allowed to ask! The nations Weiner and Huma have dual citizenship with needs to be brought out into the open and a national discussion on this subject needs to take place. If it does not happen AMERICANS can be confident our government/media is already under the control of foreign nations. Most likely these foreign nations have done their take-over of the usa to control our obscenely large military and use it for their own agendas. Even as doing so forces the severe neglect of the needs of the AMERICAN People and our nation.

  15. Sanders would have definitely defeated Hillary Clinton had the DNC not torpedoed him! Of all of the candidates, even though I am not a Democrat, Mr. Sanders was the only person I believe was strong enough to not only win but actually do a good job as POTUS. I didn't care for his Socialist side, but even that, if done correctly, could have worked in America.

  16. This and Uranium deal is a perfect example of what democrats think about national security and collusion with Russia. They clearly believe that they're above the LAW. DISGUSTING CROOKS!!!!

  17. Had Weiner Man gone to trial, there might have been a healthy discussion about his laptop and its contents. Hence, the plea deal!

  18. The emails could have been fowarded by Uma Aberdin, as she had as much access to the server, remembering that the folder was called insurace, possibly so they themselves wouldn't end up in a ditch someplace.
    This still doesn't displace the blame of the server in the first place, of having it.

    You have to ask the 100 dollar question, why would he be sent her emails as from her "Hillary" doing it, who would think it's in her interest to do so, what reason, to hide them or if another sent them as to insure their lives would be safe as of having evidence against Hillary, which to me the latter makes more sense.

    Personally I don't think Hillary sent them to the Wiener laptop, because she would need to know, what email to send to, (unless it a proximity dump from the server to the laptop) would Hillary know that, and could that be a main stay of interest to the point that if Hillary was always sending him her emails ?

    Which to me seems an unlikely thing for her to do, when bleach bit was used as much as she could to remove what emails she didn't want seen.

  19. If Hillary Clinton is THAT STUPID, she never should have held any office of any kind. Her, "I made a mistake…" bullshit could end up changing the way any crime is dealt with in the future. I can see an attorney turning to a prosecutor and saying, "My client can't go to jail because he (or she) made a mistake. That's all." She must have lost or "wiped clean with a cloth" any instructions on how to effectively manage classified or top secret materials.

  20. Is there a tennis match going on behind your monitor? Your eyes dart about back and forth like you're at Wimbledon. Or are your eyes linked to the 'um, shit, what am I taking about, help!' part of your brain.

  21. Why would anyone want a picture from him anyway? Hopes of blackmail? Or was he forcing the pics on unsuspecting girls and women?

  22. Record a branding intro H.A. and do something with your hair. How and why did all this get on wankin wiener's "literally" laptop? Too weird to believe, still Schill Maher wants HRC for president.

  23. Here's a question for someone with a sharp legal mind. Let's say Anthony photographs his private parts and then emails the pics to a 15 year old girl – but his email goes to junk mail and she never sees it. Is he guilty of a miss-da-weiner?

  24. HA, you were WRONG about J. Comey and you are WRONG about Joe Lieberman. They have had their disagreements, but basically Joe and the Clintons are besties.

    Hilary will NOT be investigated again by Lieberman. His regime at the FBI will be comparatively about persecuting small fry and giving the corrupt big shots in Washington a pass. You will observe and learn.

  25. look into what the NYPD has said about what was found in Anthony Wiener's laptop relating to PedoGate

  26. Finally, Hilary got F*ked by a Weiner. She is the C.U.N.T. (Can't Understand Normal Thinking*) that will not go away….she LOST to TRUMP….what an ass, love, and kisses, from a Woman that remembers what Hilary has done. (I lived in Youngstown, Ohio during NAFTA.) Mr. Goodman, you always make excellent points. Did you catch Bill Marh tonight? He was so very condescending to Dr.West!

  27. Lieberman would never do a serious investigation of Clinton. You can't get more establishment than Lieberman.

  28. less hillary clinton please she is not in power or wiener for that mater…….don t elevate them in history. their prosecution is negligible in time to things like climate change, wealth distribution, money in politics, tuition free education and health care that are the real issues. in other words – same old tabloid news different people…..

  29. They're going to let Weiner twist slowly in the wind and obfuscate Hillary's role.

  30. Clinton sent and RECEIVED classified information. Including SAP information. That means for every email there are at least 2 people who are guilty of the crime.
    You are missing that Clinton dragged all of the US government into her crimes. This is the real reason there is no prosecution. It is meaningless if you are a democrat or a republican if you communicated with Clinton you are guilty.
    Think about it. Everyone who had communications with the Secretary of State, or her assistant is guilty. Now you know why everyone is so scared and lashing out. This really will "drain the swamp" Even if you are not as "bad" as Hillary, you are on the hook for a crime.
    I think the Clinton Foundation is going to be the way the Republicans take down Hillary, not the email server. She is guilty for both crimes, but the foundation won't bankrupt the Republicans.

  31. Seems as though the only things anyone in or associated with the political Parasite Class ever gets nailed on are sex-related. Anything else goes, while the world burns…

  32. They also fail to mention that Hillary Clinton knew about Weiner's sexting to the underage girl for at least 4 months and did absolutely NOTHING about it! I know that is a crime, but I'm not sure of its exact title. Isn't she the one who toted herself as the "Champion of Women?" Ya, some champion huh?

  33. Very good analysis, a breath of fresh air. The level of corruption here is unimaginable, kinda of like the radiation at fukushima.

  34. Sanders is a socialist piece of shit who also sold out to Hillary would never had won get over it please

  35. I think we are gonna find out that Comey is a sick twisted insane murdeous bastard. He knew all the dirt on everyone. He had ways to make things or people appear or disappear on command like FN magician. But yet he caved to the Clintons….i wonder what they know about him (Comey). He is sooo dead legally and mayb even physically. Cuz when u mess with Clinton Murder Incorporated, u wine up taking a dirt nap. Just ask Seth Rich. Even if they dont kill u good enough the first time. They have orderlies and nurses on call. Wow Comey u better run to the hills and get out of DC. This is better then in psycho thriller movie cuz it is happenin in real time! LOL!

  36. I don't understand how Comey did a full investigation, when he said before the Judiciary committee that he did not question
    Weiner. Comey's excuse was, " Weiner was under investigation for something else and he didn't get the chance to question Weiner. What! What! How can you make a conclusion on a investigation when you haven't interviewed on the the key persons, Weiner!! I'm no political expert, or journalist. Even I can see the corruption and it runs deep.

  37. HAG, you're right about Comey, if he did his job, we could have president Sanders. I think that would be almost as beneficial as president Trump. I appreciate your thinking more and more as we progress through this second American revolution.
     Anyone who attacks Trump, will regret it. No one understands why this has been, and will remain, the inevitable case. We have only one alternative to slavery today and Donald Trump is that alternative. Trump may become our Cyrus, but he is today's David …he will not fail to take down our giant NWO enemy.

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