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  1. @Tomken8d2 were always conditioned. the ones who are not getting conditioned are the ones doing the conditioning.
    This book was amazingly scary on how it is telling our present from 90 years ago

  2. @odenhome1
    Huxley was not warning about a possible future.
    He was observing the present.
    The "Bokanovskie [clone] Groups" were
    further symbolism of social conditioning.

  3. @urielwirthful
    I censored it. I have the uncensored one as well.
    Kinda blurry though.
    Makes me feel like a myopic hooker. 😛

  4. thank goodness it is censored…nothin gainst this guys self worth but i really dnt see anythin in him attractive….lol

  5. @Chuck1974 GOT IT ! not as clear as I thought it was, but good enough ! You are my "Weiner-master " Thanks…!

  6. @Tomken8d2 that would explain it's ok to have violence but sexuality is considered bad and sinful to have in the movies

  7. @rccl36812 I tried typing the website for you but apparently youtube won't let me post a website in a comment because I keep getting a message that reads, "Error, try again" So I'll try to do it this way: gawker dot com slash 5809909 slash anthony dash weiners dash cock dash shot dash emerges

  8. @malevolenceXXXensues
    I wouldn't care if he made a porn flick
    with some chick and posted it online.
    Our society seems to be peopled by Beavis and Butthead.
    Politicians aren't allowed to f***.

  9. @tomken8dy you know what you're right we shouldn't treat politicians as the god damn pope and act like they're holier than thou and i hope this doesn't blow up like the mcgreevey scandal which will most likely happen

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