David Pakman on Congressman Anthony Weiner’s (D-NY) penis tweets, apology press conference, and whether he will resign.

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  1. why is all so jealous of his big dick! lol his cock is probably thicker then the ones who is jealous of him 

  2. This is upsetting to me because Weiner seems pretty cool. The guy made a stupid twitter mistake, and because he's a very public figure, people made a huge deal about him sending a risque photo (which is his and his wife's and the recipient's business.) He panicked and lied only because America is too anal (*ahem*) about sex and everyone wants their chance to make a weiner joke (myself included.) As if this compares to Edwards, Spitzer, Strauss-Kahn (if true), or Gingrich's hypocrisy.

  3. sre yuo making a statement? are yuo feeling down because weiner didn't take yuo alone. what are yuo saying other than nothng

  4. @Boomer1949 LOL, How exciting! O_o What a massive overexposed story.
    Yup, sexting can be a slippery slope, gaping at photos and perusing the underbelly of the porn world. And then Breitbart raises his head and and says, "have you had enough? I got more!"

  5. @kwb70652 It's about to get really funny now. Brightbart has allowed the "naked" pic to be put out there. He's all proud of it, showing it around some right wing show and someone got a vid shot of his blackberry pic. OMG, it's not a pic of his kid, his pet or his wife but a pic of a dick that he passes around so proudly ! Wonder if he has a name for it? Is it envy? Or something deeper, more intense and passionate. A yearning that grows and grows, pulsing and throbbing. Excuse me a sec.

  6. @watercup123456 yeah, but they have some pretty big balls. (sorry, couldn't resist. — damn this middle school humor is great!)

  7. @dangerouslytalented Actually I distrust Breitbart so much that I wouldn't be surprised if he hired the sexting women to contact Weiner. — yup, it's a conspiracy! 😉

  8. "Republicans are going to be pretty good about MOUNTING PRESSURE on Anthony Weiner…"lol, good one. (middle school humor is great)

  9. I apologize, you were so right – I really thought Weiner wouldn't be so dumb to do such a thing. Though IMO one shouldn't send out penis tweets even if one's last name is Smith or Jones. 😉 (no penis tweets… just say no… don't do it.)

  10. this sicko wiener needs to go and should resign. His closet is full of so many skeletons. Dumb libs try to down play this like it's not a big deal. They try to compare this situation to other democrats sex scandals but it's not the same and those arguments are irrelevant. Congressman wiener, just resign already you sick lying bastard before more tweets, pictures and women start coming out against you. Just ask Tiger woods.

  11. I think he may resign too, which is a shame. I really like Weiner. One problem is that it will become a big distraction for him and Democrats. One of the Left's best advocates is now essentially silenced.

    BTW, I loved the question "were you fully erect in your penis tweet or are you capable of more?" Hilarious.

  12. I dont think its a big thing….. The way i see it.. he is just fooling around. He's not had sex with them, no damage done. He's done alot of good and we should not judge a perons based on his sexual urges? Its pretty lame…. Look at Bush and the damage he has done.. look at all the republicans who cheat…. SO many people cheat. All this is so lame.. its pretty sad and if he leaves… it just shows how screwed up the priorities of the government are

  13. This is the first video on YT that points out that some of the most outrageous questions presented to Weiner were from a guy from Howard Stern's show. Do you know that there are people have fits about the Press Corps behaving like children because of this? That raises the question did the press corp know about this guy and did Weiner? Either way it's hilarious. I can't tell you how hard I have laughed over this whole deal, start to finish.

  14. wouldn't it have made sense for david too have mentioned the right wing brightbart guy…i mean I don't know i'm not a fan, or listen to his show but seems an unmistakable tidbit that he omitted, seems obvious enough for it to have been…intentional

  15. I have seen how hot those women are. I would penistweet them too.

    The reason we all believed that he was framed was because every single big Breitbart scoop in the past had been either a lie or a gross beatup. And here the same thing is. Breitbart took Wiener's wiener and beat it and beat it and beat it until it was much, much bigger than it should have been and then showed it to the world.

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