Anthony Weiner’s Sexting leads FBI Probes to Newly-Discovered Clinton EMAILS
28 OCTOBER 2016 •
FBI reopens Clinton email investigation
New emails ‘discovered during probe into Anthony Weiner’s sexting’
‘Too early’ to say if emails significant or how long probe will take
Hillary Clinton, those emails and the whiff of scandal that won’t go away
Trump Hopes “Justice Will Finally Be Done” As FBI Reopens Probe Into Hillary Clinton Emails


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  1. "In other news Anthony Weiner has been found dead this morning after
    accidentally falling half a foot off his porch. Autopsy reports claim
    the 3 bullet wounds in the back on his head were a preexisting condition
    unrelated to his death"

  2. Would just like to remind everyone: this is the same FBI who
    investigated the lyrics to the song Louie Louie with the decipherable
    lyrics. A 3 year and 2 month investigation and the FBI also involved
    the FCC and Postal Service until someone had the brainstorm to check the
    Copyright Office just down the street. Never once did they even think
    to simply ask Jack Ely who was the lead singer to the group what the
    lyrics said. All because they "thought" the song contained obscene
    language…..which it doesn't. They spend upwards to the tune of
    $2,800,000 in 1966 which would have been considerably more in today's
    value of the dollar. Sorry, didn't bother to find out what it would
    have cost in 2016 $$ but would suspect that it would be close to $18-$20
    Million. So I wouldn't get my panties in a bunch about the emails just
    yet thinking it's going to have an impact.

  3. HeHeHe. FUNNY that a carpet munch-er like Hillary ended up chocking on a "Weiner". GIGGITY, GIGGITY, GIGGITY…

  4. Well, let's all hope they're looking at the leaked emails via Wikileaks. At least they're not redacted.

    It's a JOKE. I know the FBI has ALL of it, non-redacted, though they may have given up on finding the Clinton emails, which we have seen, now..
    Comey couldn't be bothered looking, it seems…

  5. The FBI has some heavy shit "evidence". Please use it wisely to make justice against crooked people in governmental circle. Hey Bill & Hill, Karma is a real bitch!

  6. This is a diversionary smoke screen leading to no where because the real meat and potatoes has been negated. Comey had a chance to do right and gave her a pass. To think my country tis of thy has become a 3rd world dictatorship. God help us. We the people need to wake up. This is FUBAR!!!

  7. comey should be in jail.. taking hammers to computers and blackberry's fuck off and you should be charged with fucking with congress and wasting time

  8. I made a couple anti Hillary videos, any feedback would be much appreciated! Great channel Sam!

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