Teasing Jock Boy Seth Kuhlmann

Teasing Jock Boy Seth Kuhlmann
We all have a thing for the sexy teasing underwear bulge. I don’t care if you don’t think you do, because these pics will prove that we ALL do! It’s the gorgeous Seth Kuhlmann, showing some bulge!

The guy is already absolutely gorgeous, with his handsome good looks and that tight muscled jock body. But when you throw him in front of the camera in nothing but some tighty whities, with the teasing shape of his dick visible, it’s gonna make a whole lot of guys sit up and take notice!

It’s pretty cruel really. I have a really hot straight buddy who is totally shy about his dick. Even though he’s pretty egotistical and loves to show off his muscles, he won’t even stand next to another dude at a urinal.

I’ve stayed over his place a few times, and I’ve seen him walking around in his boxer shorts with the impressive bulge of his hung meat on show, and every single time it’s led to me needing a sneaky wank. lol

So, even though it’s totally hot to see a dude like Seth Kuhlmann in nothing but some teasing underwear, it would be even better if these guys would show a little more and put me out of my misery! ?