Big surprise!


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  2. Damn that’s one monster size french baguette! How do you even fit it in your undies (presumed if you wore one)? If not that can be quite revealing if you have a slight boner underneath your pants/jeans! 😳P/S: I wished I could give your monster French uncut dick a warm mouth massage and possibly choke on your monster meat before making you squirt your jizz load into my mouth. That would be a dream! 🍆💦💦😘😍😋

  3. So very hot! Following! But 79 comments on not one says fish eye lens? Not trash talking 😘

    Edit: was following

  4. Holy shit, I need to meet up with you for a not so quick quickie like, two days ago, wow 🤤

  5. Gosh darn it! The thickness! I couldn’t do your cock justice. It’d take months to get you into me, and I don’t know how you would avoid my molars….

    Best wishes to you and your outstanding member.

  6. Would be hot to see you in action with a partner.. I’m sure a lot of people wouldn’t be more than happy to do a video with you. You could always obscure your faces

  7. Pretty impressive, but looks like somebody’s overly happy to use a fisheye lens for all his video shots…

  8. I’m over here drooling over your beautiful cock! My asshole is twitching too. I wish I were in France so I could suck you off and then you could pound me till we collapse in erotic bliss.

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