This is a big post, too big for a TLDR; so…

TLDR; if you don’t read this and you get banned, that’s your fault… read people, READ!

Over the past few weeks I have been working constantly on updating, coding and tweaking r/BiGoneWild to be free of spam content. Many of you may have noticed the EXPLOSION of spam posts and comments over the past few months from SpamBot’s posting junk and comments.

I’ve also been working to remove and limit abusive/harassing posts. Another huge task has been working to prevent our community from being used as an amateur porn advertising stream.

Finally, doing what I can to make this community about uplifting and supporting everyone as they share and show off.

The following updates have been completed:

The rules while mostly the same, have had a few new modifications made and a few new rules have been added. All the rules are listed below, rules in bold are new, rules in italics already existed but have been modified.


This is an adult community. As such, posts of pics/vids of an adult nature of users under 18 years of age are restricted and will be immediately deleted. If you’re under 18, 1) You shouldn’t be viewing this sub. 2) Do everyone a favor and don’t take nudes and post them.


**If you are having ANY problems with your posts/comments or activity here in the sub, you must use the ModMail feature to contact the Moderator. Directly messaging or DM’ing the Mod via Reddit Chat will be IGNORED.**


This isn’t a place to sell things. Specifically paid content on any other sites behind a paywall. If it costs any money of any amount, don’t post it or share it. This is also not the place to ask people to follow your Instagram. You may be permanently banned. *THIS INCLUDES POSTING MEDIA (PIC/VIDEO) WITH WATERMARKS FOR OUTSIDE SITES.*


Don’t be a jerk. Jerks WILL get permanently banned. Don’t like something, disagree with someone, move on. Be the positive change you want to see.


Catfish/posers beware, if you catfish in this sub and are confirmed as a catfish you will be banned and exposed as a catfish/poser. *Posts from users found to be catfishing will be locked and have “catfish/poser” flair added to their post*.


The post must be of you or you must have explicit permission from all parties in the photo to publicly post.


Reposts will be deleted. *Cross-posting content from other sub-reddits, and/or your own profile is restricted.* Posting the same content to multiple subs put you at risk of being permanently banned. Content posted here may only be posted to one other sub or your own profile.


These people are being brave and showing themselves off for your gratification. So don’t complain about what they’ve offered for free.

If you don’t want to see a trans person, don’t click on links that are clearly trans. If you don’t want to see dick, this really isn’t a sub for you. If you don’t want to see boobies…well, now, that’s just odd if you’re browsing a bisexual soft to hardcore sub.

Complaining about the content of a post will be an immediate ban. I’m serious.


**Close up photos/video of your genitals are not allowed. If the only visible part of your body is your penis/vagina/anus it will be deleted. Your genitals should never be taking up more than 1/3 rd of any image taken. Multiple violations will be met with a permanent ban.**


[*r/BiGoneWild*]( *does not permit the posting, sharing or otherwise directing people to contact you via other Social Media platforms, or chat programs. Basically don’t post your kik, snap, ig, fb, twitter etc. Your post will be deleted, further violations may result in a ban.*


Imgur is the preferred host of choice. is also pretty good. Hosting on Reddit has become common, but it’s not in any way the best host. A few others are allowed:


The NEW Rule additions:My DM box has been completely over-run with messages from users here with questions, comments, arguments… even harassment over a variety of group related subjects. It’s made it very difficult for me to stay in touch with my own personal friends here on Reddit and I just don’t have the time to deal with it AND the ModMail. So if you message me directly, your message will be ignored entirely. If you want to message me about something else, completely unrelated to r/BiGoneWild that’s fine. But if it leads to some issue you may be having here, I will block you.

No close-up genital pics. I don’t care how sexy you think your genitals are. No genital looks good that closeup. If your genitals take up more than 1/3 of the photo, it will be deleted (your post, not your genitals! HA!). If you continue to post closeup photos and I realize I’ve deleted multiple posts from one user, you’ll get banned permanently.

Also, for posts that trigger the AutoMod for removal, the removal will generally be explained by the AutoMod upon removal. Don’t send ModMail asking why your post is being marked as unverified, or how to verify. That is outlined in the AutoMod reply.

One rule that has received a significant amount of comments lately which has been a rule for a while now, is the rule restricting the content you post here being limited to one other sub or your own profile. It’s become overwhelmingly obvious that a LARGE amount of users have been posting the same pics/vids here as well as MAAAAAAANY other subs. Nine times out of ten these posts are promoting paid content elsewhere and are mass posting the same images across multiple subs across Reddit. While this was not allowed in the past, it wasn’t enforced as strictly as it will be going forward. So anyone who posts a pic/vid here is welcome to post it to ONE other place. If I check your profile and see it in two or more other subs, your post will be deleted. If this happens repeatedly, the user will be banned permanently.

If you have any questions, just reply below.


  1. Ok, I get a lot of your points and after further reading, I can say I pretty much agree with you. Thanks for the update and hopefully going forward it will get better for all of us 😊

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