Bro are you checking my dick out in the locker room rn?


  1. Beautiful uncut cock! i love how the foreskin covers the head yet you can see the coronal outline beneath! 😈😈😍😍

  2. Hell yes! Reminds me of this guy that had the same size showing me his hard huge fat cock in the shower. “Straight” as he was I went over and grabbed his cock and sucked it. A minute later he followed me to the steam room where I finished the job and he shot his load over me. Week later he wanted more of it. And got it..

  3. Bro, ive been staring at your dick the last few months literally drooling with my eyes glued to the monstrosity in your underwear, I literally have to hold my dick down how have you not noticed this? But glad we have been getting in the same gym routine 💦💦💦

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