Former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner is back in the news again with yet another sexting scandal, this time with a 22-year-old woman after he resigned from Congress in June 2011.

Weiner held a press conference late Tuesday afternoon at Gay Men’s Health Crisis headquarters in New York City with his wife Huma Abedin by his side. At one point, Weiner even said he was “surprised that more things haven’t come out sooner.”

“Some of the things happened before my resignation, some of them happened after,” the former congressman said. “But the fact is that was also the time that my wife and I were working through some things in our marriage.”

Weiner has said that he will not drop out of the mayoral race and will continue to campaign with his wife. broke the story on Monday by disclosing a series of sexually explicit chat messages sent by Weiner using the handle name “Carlos Danger” to a woman in August 2012. Weiner also allegedly sent the woman a dick pic that The Dirty was kind enough to post. The woman claims that the online relationship went on for six months. Carlos promised to help the woman get a job at website Politico and suggested the two meet at a Chicago condo so she could check out his enchilada.

Hispanic groups are now angry at Weiner for impersonating a Latino. Knowing Weiner, it won’t be long before pics of Sheikh My Nuts and Wang Hung Low start showing up.


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  1. All fun aside, check out The National Review's articles on Huma Abedin (aka "the Weiner Humma"), Weiner's wife. Scrutinizing Abedin's family connections to the Muslim Brotherhood, along w/ her background working for Hillary Clinton (another dutiful wife of a scumbag politician who's embroiled in scandals of her own in the coverup of 4 dead Americans in the Benghazi, Libya attacks), may give reasons why she's eager to look the fool & "stand by her man" running for Mayor of NYC.

  2. ha i can see it now! you maroons are going to vote for this clown, and everyone will make fun of the New York Oscar Mayor Weiner!….oh wait, we had Villarigosa for 8 years…nevermind, you guys would have it better than we did

  3. Very funny, is his wife egging him on? Wow, where do I find a wife that's willing to stick around like that

  4. Digg:"Here is a terrible animated version of the latest Anthony Weiner saga." Terrible? Are you kidding me? This shit is great!

  5. Extra extra, guy minds his own business in his own time, can't have that in America.

    In other news, Stoner groups are angry at me for sporting the Alias "XxX_W33dL0rD/Fr33d0m_h4v3r_xXx in COD.

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