TLDR; I’m cleaning up the community, coding the AutoMod to limit spam/bot posts & comments, creating a verification system for those who wish to be verified and will expose catfish/posers when reported. Also will be strictly enforcing the removal of media promoting paid content. r/bigonewild has over 122k members that are not to be used for spamming your porny content. This sub is here to support and embrace everyone, not to be abused by bots, catfish and JFF/OnlyFans spammers.


So I’m updating everyone that r/bigonewild will be undergoing a major overhaul over the coming days. As many of you may have noticed, both here and in other communities that there has been an overwhelming amount of spam bot commenting and posts. I’ve been having to delete and ban bot accounts almost every other day here. Also I’ve been handling a significant amount of catfishing/poser posts here in the community. This community will be celebrating it’s 9th year anniversary come Sept. 17, 2020 and in the 9 years r/bigonewild has been running it has never had any significant coding done within the AutoModerator. That is changing.

Now there may be some hiccups and growing pains over the coming days/weeks as the Automod is fine-tuned and tweaked. This will be necessary to combat the continual bombardment from spam bots.

In regards to catfishing and posers…

I will be rolling out a verification system that will allow users to submit verification pics/salute images. Once verified their permanent r/bigonewild user flair will identify them as a Verified User. This is the best and easiest way to combat the posers and catfish.

A second element to the catfish elimination will include permanent flair being added to any user who is confirmed to be a catfish/poser. Previously the handling of catfish/posers was their post was deleted and they were permanently banned. The new remedy will still include a permanent ban from the community, but the post will no longer be deleted. Poser/catfish posts will be locked, branded flair “Catfish/Poser” will be added to the post and the origin/source of the photo will be linked.

For example, if an individual catfishes with content found on Twitter and it is determined that the content is meant for public distribution, the origin/Twitter account will be identified. This will ultimately provide clarification and serve as a better deterrent to catfish/posers.

If a catfish/poser post is reported by the actual person, they must provide proof of catfish and or a verification image through ModMail.

Essentially, if you come here, see your photos being posted by someone else and want them removed, send a message via ModMail and be prepared to verify you are the individual in the posted photos. Once you are confirmed as the individual in the media posted you may request removal of the post. If you are not the person in the photo but know where the image(s) originated, provide a link to the origin in your ModMail message and once reviewed the post will be locked and marked as Catfish/Poser.

Lastly, those of you who have been posting/promoting your paid content (OnlyFans, JustForFans, ModelHub, ManyVids, PornHub etc) these posts will be removed. I don’t mind you inviting people to check out your profile here on Reddit. BUT, directly promoting your original paid content on any sites, promoting tips/payments to CashApp or other payment services will be deleted and will put you at risk of permanent ban.

Let’s keep r/bigonewild focused on what it was created for, celebrating EVERYONE, supporting EVERYONE and showing appreciation for EVERYONE. This community is not here for cash-grabs and growing your social media following.

Thank you to all 122k+ members here! You are what makes this sub awesome! I look forward to hearing feedback and if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask here in the comments!

Your Big-Dicked Alpha Mod,