**It has been with great deliberation, discussion with friends here on Reddit and members of this sub that I make this announcement.**

I am the *single, solitary* Mod here at [r/BiGoneWild](https://www.reddit.com/r/BiGoneWild/). I also work full time in real life, two different jobs to make ends meet. Some days I am not able to spend more than half an hour to an hour attempting to verify members, remove spam, review reports and boost morale.

You may think I could just invite another person, or people to lesser rank moderator status. You’re right, I *COULD* do that. But then I would have two jobs; reviewing content from you, the user and reviewing actions from the lesser Moderators. So far I have had no legitimate complaints from users with how I have transformed [r/BiGoneWild](https://www.reddit.com/r/BiGoneWild/) over the past few months since I was abandoned and left with full control. Since that time we’ve gained over 30k new members, I’ve stream-lined the rules, updated the icon and colors, initiated a welcome letter and cleaned up the AutoMod all by myself. Daily I deal with roughly 300+ Moderation reports, Spam reports and user submitted reports. I review the AutoMod actions and confirm them, check verification submission (as best I can) and assigned verified flair. Many people think being a Mod is fun/exciting… It can be, but it’s also HARD WORK.

Speaking of fun and exciting…

I was recently among a limited set of Moderators contacted directly by Reddit management and offered the opportunity to have new Reddit features (exclusive to Adult Subreddits) tested here in [r/BiGoneWild](https://www.reddit.com/r/BiGoneWild/). Since I have no idea how much more extensive my daily engagement here will become with upcoming new/beta features, I have no idea how it will play out. I can tell you though, it will be exciting and an adventure!

So instead of bringing on a new moderator I am hoping that any of you at your leisure, whenever the thought crosses your mind, or if you feel so inclined, would toss a few dollars at my CashApp it will help me out tremendously. A dollar here, a dollar there makes a BIG difference. If just half the membership here sent me one dollar I could dedicate much more time here.

By no means is donating required to post. Donating won’t buy any perks either. It will simply help compensate me for the time I spend here working to cultivate a growing (over 136k members) community. I try to get 5 hours logged in a 24 hour period without any compensation. Which is rough.

So, if you enjoy [r/BiGoneWild](https://www.reddit.com/r/BiGoneWild/) please feel free to express it by sending a donation of ***any*** amount to me on **CashApp= $me4readz** In the note just say “Thanks for BiGoneWild” or leave it blank if you like.

In closing, I hope [r/BiGoneWild](https://www.reddit.com/r/BiGoneWild/) continues to be the open, accepting, shame free environment where everyone can show off without grief. With the new features being tested here it is my hope it will be even cooler. I hope I’ve lived up to what you consider a “good” or even “great” moderator. I’ve definitely tried my best and never expected to be in this position! Thanks again!

Be excellent to each other!


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