Daddy Girls Rate Dick Size in the Office

The Call Her Daddy girls’ latest episode causes a major stir at Barstool HQ when they claim they know the dick size of every guy in the office.

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  3. Dave is sitting in that chair quaking. His mind tell him they cannot mistake his energy for small dick energy. His fears are telling him “they may have seen it..”!His confidence tells him “they don’t have the balls to tell their boss, me Dave “El Pres” Portnoy that I have a small penis. He is ready to turn those pretty faces into fired faces on sight. His smirk is mixed with caution, confidence, and concern. The droves of fans and followers listening.. this could be a pivotal, successful, or detrimental moment for the ego in which lies in El Pres’s groin area…. the second the 7 letter word “average” was emitted from her vocal cords a look of sheer unhinged distain, defeat and rage was painted on the El Pres’s face. At that moment the fate of the “Call her Daddy” duo was thrown into a purgatory. As Dave left his chair, the “can I see you in my office for a moment?” reservation was already made. He debates dropping trou to prove that his Alpha manhood legitimacy is nothing to be considered “average”. Legend has it “Call her Daddy’s demise actually had nothing to do with a feud between the two, but a problem with somebody else. To whom you may ask?.. Only the fans can speculate.

  4. This is how I know something off with me, I know for a fact that I could hold these girls down and make them to do whatever I wanted, with them still being happy and able to back out and say whatever they wanted at any time, like I’m probably insane I would love to hangout with them and put this to the test I’m in great shape 22, 5,11Caucasian does that mean I’m narcissistic?

  5. Poor Tommy Smokes felt so awkward when they put him on the spot. You could tell him from facial expression and body language that he was nervous and felt awkward as fuck 😂

  6. I’d LOVE to see a panel of men discussing women’s viginas in their workplace without telling said women, the public outcry would be outstanding. All the men in there are laughing and stuff but I can guarantee they are all massively uncomfortable. Like the guy they made stand? That guy was in pain, fuck these bitches

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