A Thank You for 30K Subscribers: MY DICK

In honor of JPee Music reaching 30k subscribers, I thought it only fair to appease one of my most requested comments: show me ur dick. Thank you so much, all of you 30k subscribers out there. I love you more than I love watching animals fight each other at the zoo. And I fucking love watching that shit. Especially the hippos. Those fuckers are vicious.

Without further ado, here it is: My Dick.


  1. i was like "no way hes gonna do it on the 30k" but when he says "show my dicc to u guys" i was like "man dont u dare" XDD

  2. Just waste of time, He is just making videos for Publicity nothing else.
    People around pls make Unsubcribe him, as he is just making fool for All of us.

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