How Many Girls Did Weiner Sext??

“Anthony D. Weiner’s mayoral campaign entered a dark and chaotic phase on Thursday as he admitted to having explicit online relationships with at least three women since he left Congress, and the woman at the center of the latest scandal appeared on television, remembering him as a “perpetually horny middle-aged man.”*

Just how many different women did New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner sext? He has admitted to more, but this is hardly the first time “Carlos Danger” sent pictures of his penis out after it seemed he’d finished doing that. Is this the end of his campaign? Cenk Uygur breaks it down.

*Read more from The New York Times:

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  1. Carlos isn't a Jewish name! shame on you says Woody Allen and my daughter-wife feels the same, if I cared enough to ask her, now resting a minor!

  2. LOL I had to go back and see what guy in the background you were talking about. Yes, Weiner is reckless but his bold faced lying about being hacked by a prankster when he knew it was him sexting and sending obscene photos of himself to women he didn't know; a problem which he obviously has no control over to stop & if he doesn't get help, his problem could escalate to more egregious behaviors against women. He's another Filner in the making.

  3. I still want to know which coward it was that gave the order to our Soldiers to stand-down in Benghazi, was it Hillary or Obama? The truth will come out sooner or later, and it will come out before her idiotic ass tries to run in 2016. Our idiotic President saying Benghazi isn't a scandal, yet these cowards have stayed silent, about what happened that Night. People do know what happened that Night, and it's a shame that they're afraid to speak up and put their lives at risk from this corrupt gov

  4. Almost looked like someone was pulling his Teeth, and he was looking to make so many excuses for this idiot Weiner. He is like, well if he stopped doing it, I could throw him a bone. One time should be enough, but obviously he has a dumb bitch of a wife like Hillary that only cares about moving up in the Politics World. People like Weiner's Wife and Hillary Clinton are an embarrassment to Women. You can say that they're an embarrassment in their private life, but I think public life as well.

  5. "It's not dozens and dozens" – yep. It's dozens and dozens. He should just come out and say "yeah I send dick pics, but my policies are great" and use that angle.

  6. The Repubs are the ones always making noise about sex and morality, so a sex scandal comes off differently when its theirs. Not saying its right, but it is what it is.

  7. What he should do is run as Carlos Dangerous and make no reference to Anthony Weiner and see what happens.

  8. New Yorkers should consider themselves lucky if sexting is the worst this man has done. What's worse, sexting or getting voted into office on a promise to lower city taxes platform only to raise them once as mayor? Come on, don't be silly.

  9. Well, USA isn't a democracy anyway. The elections are based on popular personalities, not party ideologies.

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