Finally embracing myself. Any love for a hung bi muscle bottom?


  1. Fuck yeah, man. Great body. You should be proud of your hard work and harder package. Good to see more VA bi guys on here.

  2. Wow you are beautiful….

    Hope you definitely get what you are looking for…. Though if I were around you … I would make you versatile for me πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

  3. llove your underwear, please post some with them pulled down a litte more,just under ur sack…

  4. Oh man, you are a fucking dream. Thanks so much for sharing, and glad you’re embracing yourself. Been doing a lot more of that myself in the past year or so, and it feels great.

  5. Legit question, does being BI automatically make you vers-top? I like to think that there could be men who just like bottoming for dudes and fucking girls, right? Honest answers.

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