First Post πŸ˜… let me know if I should post more..


  1. i would love to tease you & roll my tongue around and around your balls, sucking them in and out like a pair of jawbreakers 🀀

  2. Impressive! And yes, more. Also, a little more of the bod it’s attached to wouldn’t hurt either.

  3. Fuck this makes me so wet. I just wanna deepthroat that thick cock till it explodes in my mouth😫 So fucking horny rn

  4. I need a dildo moulded after your cock… holy fuck

    edit: and it better include your ballsack too, dayum. Get yourself on r/perfectdick and r/balls

  5. Abso-fucking-lutely post more, I need to see more of this alpha cock but I love to have it deep in my pussy breeding me with your alpha seed over and over, HMU daddy?

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