It’s that time again. r/massivecock verification campaign starts now. **Only for limited time.**

Your verification picture must have your fully visible dick, along with a piece of paper with the following handwritten information.

•Your profile name with the following format /u/username

•This subreddit’s name /r/massivecock

•Today’s date (the day you’re posting it).


In order to be accepted, your verification pic must stick to the following rules:

•Title must include [Verification].

•Good lighting.

•No weird angles. (Preferably from your point of view, or however you like to take most of pictures. Including more than one angle is encouraged but not needed.)

•No editing software used.

Where to send?

You have to post your pic to our sub, and after that, comment on this announcement with a link to your verification post. Please keep in mind that any comment that isn’t a link to a verification post will be deleted on sight.


If you have any question, please message the moderators.

Once approved, you will get a star flair which will say “verified”