How do you think my (mostly female) coworkers would react if I left the bathroom like this?


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  2. They’d take a pic of you in the workplace and send it down to HR. You’d probably lose your job faster than your balls dropping.

  3. Well, you would get fired for sure, but you can always get paid for having sex as a job. You’d make a good porn-actor if you’re into that and can last longer than most people.

  4. They’d report you to HR, and then HR would fire you and also at the sametime would report you to the police where upon you would be charged Indecent Exposure, you’d most likely make it to the evening news/be the subject of intense online scrutiny and ridicule as well… And then following that pending the charges, as its a form of sex-crime you’d have to register as a sex offender for life, maybe have to be chemically castrated and or see a psychologist also, plus in the process registering as a S.O. would ruin and destroy your career/future employment/relationships/friendships/family/housing arrangments/child bearing etc etc… Completely ruining and destroying your life and future happiness. That’s how your females colleagues would most likely react.

  5. You’re fucking gorgeous 😻 I really don’t know how I’d react, tbh. I’d definitely get your number after HR was done with you though 😂

  6. I would get on my knees immediately and start sucking your monster cock. Then once I’ve swallowed your seed I would slip you my number.

  7. Some of them will drool, some will get wet, one or two may get down on their knees to swallow it (or maybe not, but porn says that, that often happens), but surely quite a few sexual harassment lawsuits.

  8. Well? I know I’de certainly get on my knee’s and worship that INCREDIBLY HUG COCK!

    Regardless of what any woman would do!
    ‘Cause? DAMN!!!!!!!!!

  9. If it was the bathroom in the back of the building the only reaction I would have would just lead to proper action happening.

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