Hi there! Here’s how to get a verified user on /r/cock:

1. Write on a piece of paper: /r/cock verification – /u/-yourusername- – D/M/Y (<- date of the actual verification post). You have to clearly show your penis.
2. Upload the photo, and make sure you add the correct post flair “Verification”. Post without the correct flair **will not be processed**. [Check pictures](https://imgur.com/a/Yhz08nA)
3. Your post will go in the Pending state ( **Unverified 🔴 – Pending Verification 🕐** ). We will check if everything is ok, and we will grant you a **Verified ✔️** user flair.

Please allow **up to a week for the verification**. If there’s something wrong, like a blurry image, photoshop, the paper is unreadable, etc… the mods can ask to post a new picture.

If you are a verified user on other major NSFW subreddit, you don’t have to send the verification image. Send us a modmail.

Stay safe!

– the mod team