I just need an honest 1-10 feeling a bit insecure


  1. Haha « feeling a bit insecure »

    Come on. You have a massive dick and you know it. No need to feign false modesty or insecurity 😆

  2. Insecure??? Have you been looking at King Kong’s dick??

    That thing is huge! It’s pretty much perfect, but I might like it better if the head were a bit bigger.


  3. I would personally prefer a bit of hair.. but otherwise, I love the curve, the length, and the head! Very nice! 9/10

  4. 15 for the whole package – length girth curve, and the balls! 🔥👌😜🔥👌😜

  5. I didn’t know people with big penises felt insecure about their penises. I just always assumed since they meet the mark of being big they had nothing to worry about. I learned something today.

  6. No reason to be insecure! You should be flaunting that big dick al over the place !! Big 10!

  7. Bruh that’s like a hard 10

    length, thickenss, the way foreskin covers the head a little.

    Nothing to be insecure about that’s one nice cock:)

    Side note from one guy to another i think it’s nice Complementing a male physical trait.

    In my eyes saying nice cock is like saying nice muscles. You are just Complementing their bodyl

  8. Well from the looks of it you’re fit and you have a big dick. I’ll give you an 8 because it looks like you have a good 8 inches on you. Why are you feeling insecure if I may ask?

  9. Gorgeous dick. I personally love an uncut up-curved veiny cock that’s been shaved. So hot! 10/10

  10. You have great cock, perfect sized. Now we just need to see if you know how to use it?

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