I really meant it when I say I’m 9 inches..


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  2. I’m happy that there’s a few massive cocks on her, most of these guys have no idea what MASSIVE is.

  3. No argument here although it’s a bit tardy. All stiffened and uptight, it appears he’s brought out the hose. 💦💦💦😈🖤🔪👑🐝✨✨✨🔥🔥

  4. I would say mouth watering but it’s my throat that’s getting drenched 🤤🥵 would love to please that cock as long as you want anyway you want 😵

  5. Practically speaking, what do you do with that? Have you been able to cum from penetration? Who has let you penetrate them while being sober?

    It is a big and beautiful cock.

  6. Did you get doubted?🤦‍♂️
    Excuse me sir, 🙌 I’m going to need to measure that myself👌…, as I pull out a measuring tape😳

  7. Let my hole take the true measurement test!! 🍆🍆🍆🍆🙃💦💦💦💦🍑🍑

  8. That’s wat u call a true monster cock u blessed my dick ain’t even half of that wen im hard

  9. Honey that’s more like 12💋😍💋😍💋😍💋😍💋😍😍🍆💋🍆💋🍆💋THAT HEAD Has me DROOLING!!!!!!!!!

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