I’m going to push you up against the glass and have my wicked way


  1. Wow! :o…Not often you see an Indian guy with such a huge, HUGE cock, packing that much meat. Very rare(as Indian guys have one of the smallest average sizes in the world iirc). With a cock like that.. you sure your Indian? i kid xD ๐Ÿ˜‰ Beautiful cock!

  2. Holy shit!. When i see a dick like that dick it makes me think its a sad fact that life is inherently unfair and you were born more equal than others. You are extremely lucky dude. Tbh I dont understand how one person has this massive monster cock and another person can have a micro penis or can be average or be small. Its depressing??. I could never compare or compete with that. When one sees a cock like that, a cock of such massive epic length & girth proportions and your own wayyyy 4 times smaller unit, it makes one think you can’t possibly be in the same species, but we are. Its not fair that some guys get to have dicks like that and others get a small thin dick, it just isn’t.

    But when it comes to the genetic lottery you cant have winners without there being loosers. Its as simple as that. Some suffer and get nothing whilst others get it all and live the life as a king so to speak, all without doing anything. The winners, their success built on the failure & suffering of the loosers. Nature is cruel and evil like that. It dont give a fuck. Its why i find it comical when ppl say “size doesnt matter” or that “all sizes feel the same” lol who do they think they’re fooling?… If only that was true :/. Very nice cock!.

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