It can be a real struggle to get this back into my slacks


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  2. If I was there… there would be no need to put it back in your slacks . You could just slide it right down my throat👄👅😜

  3. You’re wife is a lucky lady! 😍😘 There is no need to put that away that would be a compete waste 😜💦

  4. …and my god!…why on earth would you WANT to put that gorgeous cock back in those slacks? Let that beauty flop free! Praise! 😍😍

  5. 😲😲😲

    I know what subreddit this is but that still shocked me!

    Would love to slide it down my throat 😉🤤

  6. No need to put it back in your pants, just let me wrap my mouth around it and lick it like the glorious lollipops it is!

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