Jake Paul Poses NUDE & Teases Starting Only Fans Account!

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Jake Paul is sending fans into a frenzy after sharing a completely nude picture of himself on social media and teases that he is going to follow in Trisha Paytas’ shoes!

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  1. dont come @ me but i think jake posing nude on instagram covered by an emoji isnt a big deal. yes, his fans are usually very underage but, instagram isnt for kids. so if anything, its the parents fault for letting their child on the app.

  2. I mean to be fair he can’t rly control what age his audience is .. he can influence it but not control. I mean I kinda wanna see IT just cuz I’m curious lol nothin weird

  3. Eh not really a new thing most celebs do that posting nude stuff about themselves with their onlyfan accounts Etc however I suggest he put age restrictions for the underage fans

  4. " Facebook and photo-sharing site Instagram both require users to be at least 13 years old before they can create an account, and in some jurisdictions, this age limit may be higher. " Yes I know that won't stop kids younger then that, and yes It's still gross for kids a little over than that.

  5. #1 ew you have children as your audience
    #2 you don't have a big 🍆 your body type is of someone in the average size. Just be smart you won't make much money

  6. 😂🤣 Did she just say "OnlyFans is a social media based app that allows content creators to offer paid subscription services to their audience…The app has received backlash lately due to its risque content on the platform as the app lacks restrictions of complete nudity"!?!?

    IT IS A PORN APP! There is NO "BACKLASH" cause EVERYONE knows this except Hollyscoop apparently..😂🤣DDDUUUHH!!!!

  7. Fucking disgusting Jake Paul should not have a Only Fans account!!!! He’s such an idiot and I don’t think this is a good idea given his target audience of his fans. Young teens are all over his socials and I’m sure they are scarred forever! Can I just say that he’s going to be in the news soon for indecent exposure or register as a sex offender. Mark my words it’s probably gonna happen 😆

  8. supporters are not young anymore I mean they used to be but they're not anymore you can tell by the constant he is putting out is more mature content that is being released from his side so that shows you his demographic is a lot older than you guys expected

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