1. Woman and gays fo wild over his pic.
    Men are envious of his body.
    If he wants to show his assets he can just do that.
    You don,t have to look at it if you don,t want to.

  2. I like Jason I thought he was better than this this was a tactic to 1 get people to see the movie 2 he knows people really are not checking for him like that prior to this you rarely heard heard his name 2 things kept his name mentioned dating Jordan Sparks and dating 50 baby Mama and Dating Daphne Joy was a epic fail because you clearly could see she was trying to promote herself and every time Jason was mentioned 50 name was in the same sentence so hopefully he was the one to pull the trigger and send her thirsty self right back to 50 (Daphne girl scat) and Jason stop being so corny it’s nothing worse than a corny man.

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