Justin Bieber has been filmed sleeping in bed by an alleged Brazilian prostitute named Tati Neves after he visited a Brothel in Rio. Subscribe!

Starring William Earl
Starring Katrina Mitzeliotis

Produced & Directed by @ginoorlandini

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  1. bieber is adult and it's depends on him that what he wants! its his personal life. but this girl……! ????????????%&-$#$%#@#$%'-++ I hate her BC y she making dz #%&@' video and viral it? such a bitch .! gonna kill her

  2. If she wants to let the world know she's a whore, at least let it be with someone better than Justin Beiber.

  3. Why would he do this I was about to crie cuz I thought he was the good person I love his music but now I don't know what to do

  4. Justin needs to start sleeping with his girl friend. Why does he kiss other girls. That just cruel.

  5. justin just because your cute dosent mean you haft to be wierd dont get girls to like yo stop tring to be cute

  6. I hate that kind of guy, slept in bed with different kind of girls! JB..doesn't know what love really is. Wealth and Fame are useless without contentedness !

  7. I don't blame him he's a super star wanting to have fun
    so don't blame him he's old enough
    to make his own decisions

  8. Why does it matter to u lot what he does where he goes how long his there why his there and what his there for let's remember it's HIS life

  9. He's a bad boy with bad intentions. Don't trust him, I know he would love to just F*** every girl in sight. I wouldn't do that!

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