Justin Bieber Worst Moments – Top 10

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Justin Bieber is loved by one and all. He has seen a lot of ups and downs in his life. More to the Music brings to you Justin Bieber’s Top 10 worst moments. Check it out !!!

Juatin Bieber has always been a part of controversies whether with Selena Gomez or without. Justin Bieber’s Top 10 worst moments are something to watch out for.

Justin Bieber has always been in trouble and Moretothemusic brings to you exclusive footage of Justin Bieber’s worst moments

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  1. If you become famous this is just comon !! most of the videos he's only 18 or 17 , I don't know why these stupid people disturb him , it's the worst thing a fan does if some celebrity walks in don't be so crazy , it's ugly

  2. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  3. Shut up he is a good guy now please dont,rude him he is not like you he is a singer will you can be singer or not

  4. Worst moment: coming into this world and then deciding to sing.

    Also that last one though, they fucking screamed so loud

  5. justin go end ur self mother fucker think he is best in the world but no ur nothing to world ur just peace of fucking shit i think u need to go to hospital just go end ur suffering we hate u #ihatejustin4ever

  6. You know what’s really pissing me off? Your little baby voice ?????? Are you a little 5 year old baby wanting to be as famous as Justin Bieber?!?
    With this you will never.


  7. My cousin LOVES Justin Bieber I don’t.Every time she puts JB on the radio on the car I scream “STOP THE MUSIC YOU IDIOT!!!!!!”

  8. This brings me memories but also gives me relief, rememberring the embarassing moments I have done through highschool. At least I managed to makeup for the things I have done.

  9. Being a star is like politics. theres an enemy, you like campaigning, or else they wont like you, being a politics is like you are role model, you are strong, so why you choose to be star if you cant handle it??

  10. You fuck up Justin, You become famous because of your fans, Just stop being rude, be a professional. fuck you. i hate to break selena gomez.

  11. in 2014 he reached the height of his career,he was super famous ,like the most popular person on the world at that point while undergoing puberty (so,anger,mood swings etc).He was under so much pressure that u or me will never understand.Imagine going out and having paparazzi and crazy fans screaming in ur face.Guys he is only human I would react even worse .

  12. When he tries to hit the paparazzi with his bag?? these are not even bad at all. He seems like normal young guy. Of course he has troubles and can lash out we all can majority of us have done worse than any of this.

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