Key & Peele – Sexting Scandal

A senator holds a press conference to contain a sexting scandal, but the problem proves to be too far-reaching for him to handle.


  1. He went from saying he didn't do it to saying ok I did it once to now sending the whole news press one honestly I'm not even mad like that's amazing real good multi tasker right there.

  2. In Indonesia, someone will be arrested and send to jail just because of sexting… like texting lewd stuff, without genitalia pictures… in spite of political bullshit. This guy was kinda religious leader figure yadda yadda yadda stuff like that. I don't like him, but sending someone to jail just because of sexting is really too much…

  3. They seem offended because he is sending dirty pictures, but the second he shows his privates they all go full speed taking pictures of him. The irony and hypocrisy of our society.

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