Louis LaSalle – Male Nudes

Okay guys, I know you might not have been expecting to see some more cock on the blog today, but I could not stop myself from sharing these gorgeous images by expert in erotica male photography Louis LaSalle. I think you’ll appreciate this collection of pics!

I don’t believe we’ve seen the work of Louis LaSalle on the blog before, but after this I think you know I’ll be out there looking for more!

The men chosen for this shoot are all perfect, absolutely stunning in their own ways, whether that’s because they’re just so handsome, or they have an amazing body, a gorgeous butt or an impressive schlong.

There’s something for everyone in this post, I think you’ll agree. I cant pick out one of these guys I prefer over others though, it has to be said. I would love to know each and every one of these handsome and hunky men.

There’s something so sexy about a handsome and buff man who doesn’t mind getting his kit off for some very erotic images, and these guys are all men I would love to hang out with. And by hang out I think you know what I mean lol

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