Memorable dick pics on the internet

There’s nothing quite like receiving a dick pick, sliding into your DMs when you least expect it. It can be repulsive, oddly flattering, or weirdly creative, depending on the sender and the circumstances. The right dick pic might cure breast cancer, if this Chicago woman’s iconic Craigslist post is to be believed.

If you just can’t resist the urge to send a dick pic—and it’s not unsolicited—make sure you do it right.

The best dick pics on the internet

The cute dick pic

Dicks have an unfair stigma of being aggressive and heated, which may apply to some, but they have a soft side, too. Things My Dick Does is a Tumblr created by an anonymous user that features a collection of cute, candid shots of his dick hanging around in the comfort of his home.

The anonymous Tumblr user adds cartoon arms and expressions to his penis, making his dick pretty relatable. Throughout the blog he is seen enjoying a cup of coffee, watching TV, and getting into a few naughty encounters. This little guy is just hanging around, enjoying the best things in life. It’s amazing what a difference the black-and-white treatment makes.

Reddit’s LadyBoners Gone Wild

It is no surprise that Reddit has a hefty collection of dick pics. The forum r/ladybonersgw, one focal point in the site’s GoneWild spectrum, is filled with shirtless men ranging from average to almost shockingly aggressive. Some of the dick pics are shameless plugs for the guys to brag about their manhood, and others are just hanging out looking for someone to spend a Sunday morning with.

If you are in a softer mood, the Reddit forum has safe-for work (SFW) version, LadyBoners: Eye Candy!, which is a gallery of all the hottest men you’ve ever seen.

Depending on what kind of dick pic you are looking for, LadyBoners has it all. Just be aware that when a title says “Tallest guy on the basketball team” it’s not a professional team portrait.

Cartoon dick pics

Snapchat‘s drawing feature lets you get creative with your dick pics. John Leafey has been playfully censoring his junk with tributes to your favorite cartoon characters like Spongebob Squarepants and Snoopy. It might warp some of your childhood memories, but it’s hard not to smile at his crude doodles and even more crude puns.