**TL;DR – meet a mod at Coachella, flip it out and get a limited edition flair**

**MassiveCock is holding a special verification event at Coachella – MassiveChella!** For the uninitiated, this refers to the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival held in Coachella, California. This is taking place on the 11th to the 14th of April, 2019.

**Wait, what does this mean?**
Well, if you could never find the time to take a photo to become a verified member, we’re here to help you out! Our very own moderator u/EffectiveSeries has flown all the way from Australia for Coachella Weekend 1. It would be great to meet, greet and help more of our members become verified.

**Alternatively, if you already are verified you can have the opportunity to receive a special limited edition flair!**

**Do I have to “do” anything?**
Nope! Everything that happens is mutually consensual. If you’d prefer to reach out just for a chat or a drink, that’s cool. If you’d rather just do your verification photo and go, that’s cool too. Anything that does or doesn’t happen is completely in your control and whatever you feel comfortable consenting to – consent is important!

u/EffectiveSeries is car camping on site where you can come hang, or it might be at a mutually agreeable location.

**Any other benefits?**
Instead of the regular “Verified” flair, you will instead receive the special “**MassiveChella 2019 Verified**” flair. The fact that you (and your penis) would officially be confirmed as being real by an actual human is an added layer of authenticity, affirming to the community that you’re not just some random catfish nor did you photoshop some really good verification photos.

**Plans for a meetup?**
We might do a meetup if there’s enough interest but I’m not sure what would we do in a group setting exactly…

**Sounds cool! Sign me up?**
Post below or shoot me a PM only. DO NOT send a chat request. These aren’t loading, probably overloaded networks.


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