Miley Cyrus Flashes Penis Underwear in Holiday Video!

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Miley Cyrus flashes genital underwear in a raunchy Christmas video card! Hey Smilers this is ClevverMusic. And apparently the Holidays are officially here. Miley has just turned 21, and it seems the craziness has only just begun. Ms. Cyrus appears in a video for part of the UK’s Love Magazine Christmas Advent Calendar, debuting one new video every day until Christmas. The 0:18 second clip sees Miley get into the Holiday spirit with a little vulgar fun. She’s dressed as a reindeer with antlers and a tiny Santa hat saying “Merry Christmas Loves!” Miley uses one hand to hold the bottom of her dress and the other to do an inappropriate gesture over her mouth, with her tongue out of course. That’s when the video gets purposely pixelated and we see Miley lift up her dress to reveal nude underwear underneath with a penis drawing in black ink. The dress flashes up again this time revealing the penis blurred out, as if it was the real thing. Miley then goofily trots toward the camera as… an elf? Or reindeer? Or Santa? It’s a little creepy to be honest. The video ends with Merry Christmas LOVE Miley. The magazine also Instagrammed a photoshopped pic of Miley straddling a reindeer. Tell us what you think of Miley spreading some crude Holiday cheer? And thoughts on her new pink tinted hair? Thanks for watching us here on ClevverMusic don’t forget if ya want more just follow us on Twitter @ClevverMusic!

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  1. Shes fucking ridiculous .. stupid immoral Dumb bullshit dont make no fucking sense .. you on drugs or flipped out from turning into a grown up ..

  2. wow i think the lady talking about miley is way annoying…. We see what she's doing lady lol no need for saying oh she's got one hand there and the other blah blah we got eyes we see lol  

  3. props were all kids in this world here to learn a daily lesson. some just have more fun doing and some just have mass media acess to the public eye . cartman said"
     whatever i do what i want" in an argument with another child on public tv then lost intrest and went onto the new scheme life is simply how you learn your lesson to come up with a reason to live each moment at a time.

  4. This is a role model !? Now i know why kids are how they are cause there are people like this crazy bitch prancing about stage wiggling her tongue and focusing attention on her vadge ! Hannah Montana was so innocent and now she is the biggest sex crazy slut ever what the hell happened !?

  5. Frustrated Hanna Montana showing the trashi part of her she will buy a 20 million trailer to feel like home hahahahahahaha

  6. U know what every is saying about miley that she is a slut or somthing but u know what britney and katty whent threw this stage of there life to and so has gaga

  7. Misty you are becoming a pain in the ass to watch , you and clever news post the most dumbest shit ever like this video about a miley cyrus flashing her penis underwear! okay she flashed her damn draws in a fucking commercial! who the fuck cares! Clever music is just as annoying as the media and tabloids , and people wonder why celebrities do drugs and become depressed!!

  8. I'm so sick and tired of Miley Cyrus. Seriously, ENOUGH ALREADY! We get it, you're not Hannah Montana anymore, you're a "grown up" now. Just knock it off with all of your antics. It's getting really old now. I can't take it anymore.

  9. She has Mommy and Daddy issues and her little stunts just don't bother me anymore coz it's predictable and really old!!Miley who??

  10. think she's trying to copying gaga in terms of shocking, but she´s doing it in a horrible and vulgar way… 

  11. When the fuck is she gonna grow up.. Her attitude is disgusting.. And this is coming from a guy many consider to be immature. (I'm 18 now.)

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