Oh no, it slipped out of my boxers! Whatever shall I do?


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  2. Wow. How in the actual fuck do you wear pants? I’m honestly curious. How does that not show all the time?

  3. Woww!!! My jaw actually dropped when looking at your cock.

    That’s also what I’d have to do to put all that in my mouth 😉

  4. End 🌍 hunger… I mean thirst🤤… F*** … never mind I forgot what I was trying to say 😩

  5. Not just the monster, but the smooth swimmers body and those perky nipples would add to your pleasures, and to mine!

  6. Saying it “slipped out” implies that it could “fit in” to begin with, which doest look like it. Wow.

  7. Jesus man, you could hurt most horses with that thing. You poor bastard, you’re never getting balls deep in anything with that monster.

  8. You
    Bring that over here and let me take it up my butt

    I really need to stop getting drunk cuz I get horribly horny

  9. Hell!!! If you want underwear long enough to cover that monster up, you’re gonna have to wear long johns!!!

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