1. I think you could hide my entire dick in your foreskin, and I’m not even small. Like god damn dude, I’ve never looked at a guy’s cock and felt dominated before but if it’s even half that massive IRL I would be weak at the knees and stuttering, total putty in your hands. Just the chance to hold it and work it around, maybe give you a handjob, I would give my left nut to feel that kind of manhood in my hands.

  2. Dude your body and cock is 10 out of 10, plz start an onlyfans I’m sure lots of ppl would love to see you jerk

  3. Fucking hell your cock is huge and thick. I’d love to suck it and ride it and maybe try to wrap my hands around it

  4. Yeahhh.. Nooooo.. As nice as it is to look at, handjob is the best i can give him.. No way that thing going near my rear extremities. But stl.. DAYUMMMMM BOI

  5. That cock is legitimately on this sub. Massive. Thick. Would love to see the cockhead more clearly.

  6. I’ll tell you what that is, that is marriage material right there. And if not marriage material it at least qualifies for extended play.

  7. That line in your belly is the most beautiful.line in the male body. After the cock, that is.

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