Hello all, I am writing you guys today about the current state of this sub. Recently the sub has begun to feel a bit slow and sparse on content, seemingly becoming more a copy and paste of other subs, from users that are either trying to spread things like their onlyfans or posting across as many subs as they can for more votes, and less about the gaming aspect this sub is about.

As I see it, and I am sure a lot of you do as well, this sub should be about what it says…gaymers, not just people trying to get as much karma as they can, and the point of this changes is just that, to focus more on gaming itself; the nerds and geeks in us. Hopefully this change will help do that, and help this sub prosper(and live long, of course) a bit more.


This new change for posts to be more gaming oriented will mean that there will be a bit of a grace period where people will need to adjust, it will also result in rules changing to reflect the new direction, such as titles requiring gaming themes or pictures requiring something gaming integrated in them.

Please do not report posts that do not meet this new rules requirements for a few days, and focus more on helping the mod team by reporting other posts that go against our rules.