Hope you’re all staying safe! We’re on the look out for more moderators to help this community be the best it can be.

**What moderators do?**

– Assess Verification requests ([https://www.reddit.com/r/MassiveCock/wiki/verification](https://www.reddit.com/r/MassiveCock/wiki/verification)).
– Act on reports of inappropriate content where necessary.
– Respond to queries in the central mailbox (ModMail); this might be general questions or questions about issues people are having.

**What are we looking for?**

– Someone who is familiar with the backend controls of Reddit.
– Someone with moderator experience already.
– Someone who is actively engaged in the community today.
– Someone who can make sound and consistent judgement calls.
– Someone that doesn’t mind looking at cocks.
– Sufficient account karma.
– Account at least 3 months old.

Please send us a Modmail message, i.e. click the “Message the Mods” banner on the sidebar addressing the following criteria. Please make sure the title is “MassiveCock Mod Application October 2020” so we can find it. Questions 3-5 ripped off from r/NeedAMod.

1. **What do you like about** r/MassiveCock**?**
2. **What do you think we could improve on?**
3. **How active are you (E.g. hours per day) and what timezone are you in?**
4. **If you see a highly upvoted post but it doesn’t follow the rules what would you do?**
5. **In your opinion, what is the most important quality a moderator can have?**