I get sent these all the time… so lets rate them, this time with my little sister Amanda!! P.S. PLEASE DONT SEND ME MORE OF THESE THEY ARE F’N GROSS. WE DONT WANT THEM.

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  1. You know, There are men out there who will pay you just to make a video of you rating his ?
    Just thought i’d throw that out there.

  2. 6:10 Unintentionally ladies, you just fallen into his web: He wanted to get this reaction from you, because he enjoys being humiliated. By ridiculing his size, you gave him what he wanted. The caption "big eh" was there to antagonize you…
    These guys are tricky and lots of psychology and careful planing are being used in their schemes. You must be most careful when dealing with them.

  3. Oh my God! Just how many of these "dick-pics" do you both get?

    A friend of mine has got loads of them and she just laughs at them now. She doesn't let it bother her any more.

    She especially laughs at small ones – anything which looks 6 inches or less gets shared and laughed at with her friends, especially if she knows the guy!

    I guess that's why they cheat and use fake objects to try to make themselves look bigger and would never use a ruler. A ruler doesn't lie lol.

  4. I am 12 and I have 7 inch dick. lol just joking may as well say that if the title of the video says "dick".

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