All the rules are listed below for ease of access since some people have stated they have had difficulty opening the rules on their mobile devices.

***Before the rules, remember, posting here is a privilege, NOT a right. You have NO RIGHT to post WHATEVER you want, WHENEVER you want, HOWEVER you want as many times as you want. Therefore you should remember that being rude to me the SOLE Moderator if/when your post is removed, will do you NO favors.***


This is an adult community. As such, posts of pics/vids of an adult nature of users under 18 years of age are restricted and will be immediately deleted. If you’re under 18, 1) You shouldn’t be viewing this sub. 2) Do everyone a favor and don’t take nudes and post them. ***NOTE (BECAUSE THIS HAS HAPPENED): If you are legitimately 18 years old or older but you look 12/13 years old the only way you will be able to submit posts (pics/vids) is if you provide proof of age; government issued photo ID showing your birth date. You may blur or block out addresses or sensitive information etc but valid government issued ID will be required. Once it has been proven that you are AT LEAST 18 years old you will be free to post nudes.***


If you need to contact me, use the ModMail feature. I have way too much going on to be dealing with issues here in [r/BiGoneWild](https://www.reddit.com/r/BiGoneWild/) in my personal DM’s. Messages regarding ANYTHING about [r/BiGoneWild](https://www.reddit.com/r/BiGoneWild/) sent to my DM box will be ignored. IF I DM you, that’s entirely up to me.


If you promote **ANYTHING** that generates revenue in **ANY** manner, your post will be deleted and **you will be banned permanently**. I’m not running this sub so some of you can make a quick buck, the users of this community are not your personal commodity.


This is a ‘gonewild’ community. G rated through R rated content is **not allowed**. Men: Your genitals **must** be visible. Women, at the very least your nipples must be clearly visible; genitals are preferred but I’ll leave it at the nips for now. If you post **anything** other than that, it will be **deleted** and you **may** be at risk of being banned. Please, keep it wild and steamy, that’s what this community is here for.


If you’re a catfish or a poser, move along and don’t even attempt it. I actively check post history, reverse image searches and cross-check posts and usernames. Using someone elses pics and trying to pose as them will get you permanently banned and any content you’ve posted will be branded CATFISH. I’m dead serious.


If the person in the pic is NOT you, you must have explicit permission from the individual. No ifs, ands or buts about it. And by explicit permission I mean they must have a Reddit account and provide verification. With revenge porn, hidden cameras, spy cameras so widely posted now, I’m not taking any chances.


If your submission appears in more than ONE other place on Reddit, your post will be deleted from [r/BiGoneWild](https://www.reddit.com/r/BiGoneWild/). If your post appears in more than ONE other place on Reddit and your profile/account is promoting paid content (onlyfans, justforfans, pornhub, snap/kik cash for chat or custom requests) you WILL BE PERMANENTLY BANNED upon the first offense. If I see one more “This is my first time posting something like this! I’m so nervous! Tee-hee!” and it’s posted to 50 other subs I’m gonna barf. I actively check profiles and post history. You are NOT going to spam my community with your shit amateur porn.


Ladies, you’re guilty of this but not nearly as bad as the men. STOP POSTING YOUR CLOSEUP DICK PICS. I’ve only seen a few cocks in my life that were so attractive that a super close-up was appealing. BUT that’s because I knew what the rest of the guy looked like. Dudes, if we don’t know what your body looks like, or your face, we don’t wanna see your dick. A hot dick is usually considered hot because the dude himself is hot. Ladies, the same goes for you. Spreading your snatch closeup, or your asshole closeup isn’t appealing. Don’t do it. Multiple violations will be met with a permanent ban. Also this rule is applied at my sole discretion. There seems to be a common complaint from people who’s closeup pics were removed: “I see plenty of other pics that are close up.” Yeah? There’s a good chance the user has posted many OTHER pics too and revealed a lot more of themselves in prior posts here in [r/BiGoneWild](https://www.reddit.com/r/BiGoneWild/) so we all know what they look like. Regardless, if you bitch at me about it, you’ll likely be banned.


Don’t post them, don’t post pics or vids with your IG/SNAP/KIK/FB/Twitter etc watermarked in them. If people really want to know more about you, trust me, they will click/tap on your username and browse your post history. If you post in written text or watermarked in your media any of your social media, the post will be deleted and multiple violations will be met with a ban.


Check the list, it’s full of great places that allow adult content.


Any posts that have less than 10 up-votes after 24hours WILL BE DELETED. This won’t impact the user’s account or put you at risk of being banned. I am simply keeping low rated content cleared out to insure the posts in [r/BiGoneWild](https://www.reddit.com/r/BiGoneWild/) are of value and engaging. Verified users are exempt from this rule… a good reason to be verified.


A lot of people have stated the verification link doesn’t always work. For information on becoming verified, simply send a message via ModMail. I am the only moderator here and have sole authority over verification. What you send me, no one else will see and I understand that has added value and appeal concerning privacy. Verification posts that do not meet the requirements will be deleted. I do not have the time to explain why. The link, as tempermental as it is, exists for a reason: [http://www.reddit.com/r/BiGoneWild/wiki/verification](http://www.reddit.com/r/BiGoneWild/wiki/verification)