This is a reminder that photo/vid/gif posts MUST be only of you unless you have explicit permission from the other individual. This rule is in place to protect the privacy and identity of other people. Any images not of the op (original poster) that are determined to be of someone else, may be deleted at the mods sole discretion. Please respect the privacy of other users. If you have conversations, share images, videos etc, you cannot post those images without their permission. Rule of thumb remains, if it’s not of you, don’t post it.

This will remained stickied for a while in hopes everyone will see it. Remember, just because your’re personally comfortable with posting your own nudes, does not mean it’s okay to post other people’s. This is a safe space/environment and along with no pressure or judgement we strive to maintain everyone’s right to privacy. While this includes nude images/media it also includes faces/identity. Some posters may not be out about their sexuality and posting their image here could cause stress, judgement and negative impacts if your post outs them against their will or outside of their own time frame.