SELFIE: Usher Shares Uncensored Pic On Snapchat

Usher Poses Completely Nude In Steamy, Sexy Snapchat
Courtesy – Splash News

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  1. Why is it that on the Internet and tv and movies and magazines, those sources will readily show a woman naked from top to bottom, inside out, sideways, behind over head and closeup, BUT, these same media sources make sure they block out and hide the pictures and videos of naked men. See women and girls what I keep telling you all . See how men reveal all women and girl's private parts and expose you. See how men and boys are loyal to their gender and then protect themselves.
    Men are evil and slick and females need to stop posing nude for men.

  2. I've seen the uncensored pic and I've seen better ones lol, but ladies, why do you even care weather he displays it or not? Are you related to him? Do y'all work as his personal agents? Do you know him personally? It's just a dick for goodness sake so get over it and move on. I don't know him personally and I'm not his agent at all. I can only go by his music.

  3. He looks a hot dam mess in that photo! Looks like a Photoshop of his head imposed on a 12 year old's body. WTF???! What is sexy about that???? These fools have gone too far with these outrageous selfies geez.

  4. His career must really be failing. I always respected him and his music, but, now , come on……sheer stupidity…..Or is he on drugs?

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