Sending Dick Pics

Hope you guys have a great week!


  1. SO, where's the dick pic then? You label your vid dick pics, and YOU DON'T SHOW IT?? WTF man. We ALL wanna see the dick pic. DO IT, fuck. DO IT!

  2. Sexy hot man love you man have porn with me love you sexy man your really hot I'm in JFK the saccont house on the left

  3. Let's have sex this is nakiyah your really cute boy love you boy trend sexy ass hell don't be gay just love you bye I'm crying to have sex with you kai Morgan love you hoty boy

  4. Kai Morgan needs help people like a vajina man fuck you bicth show your dick on YouTube sorry man I love your videos and you to so much

  5. Nasty dude fuck you your gay man shit shut up gay ass fucker fucker date a girl man shut up man I hate you gay basterd fuck you

  6. Omg! I think I know that apartment lol is that in LA?

    Aside from being random as f.. just came across your channel, very funny man!! 🀣

  7. Kids these days. I wouldn't even consider going out with a guy that asked for my shit. It's like; they think that everything that they are can be condensed into a penis shot. So shallow. No way no how.

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