Shaving Justin Woltering

Now, this had my interest! I think it’s reasonable to say that you guys know how much I like my rugged, masculine and hunky men right? So I was checking out this really hot collection of pics from the guys at DNA recently where they had the gorgeous Justin Woltering and followed him from a shaggy and hairy hunk down to a smooth and hairless jock…

It’s actually pretty interesting to see the pics one by one, leading from his all-natural long-haired self to the shaved and silky look.

I know it’s probably gonna be a contentious issue, but personally the totally smooth look just doesn’t really do it for me. I would say I probably prefer him in the state he’s in about the third image down below, with just some sexy scruff that you can feel, but not too much that it hides that incredible body.

And when it comes to the nether regions, I’m all for trimming things and keeping it all neat, but to shave it all off? That’s just a no-no in my opinion.

So how about you guys, do you prefer him hairy and hunky, or smooth and silky?

Apart from it being a really hot collection of pics, it’s actually interesting to see what guys think about this. Do we want our men to be naturally manly, or do we have ideas about what we imagine men to be?