Showing my hole for you guys


  1. Jesus fuck dude… I need that ass.

    I’d love to get my face in there and lightly lick you from your nuts all the way up your crack then back down and let you get lost in the tickling sensation on your hole and around it. Then when you least expect it I’d dive my tongue as deep inside of you as I can like I’m trying to lick your guts.

    Then when you’re nice and wet I’d slide my cock up and down your hole then push my head against your hole and slowly open you up making you feel every inch of my 8”. Then when I’m as deep inside of you as I can get I’d just let you adjust to me and throb to let you know that I’m so fucking into it. Then I’d slowly pull my cock all the way out then slide it back in, then pick up speed until I’m fucking you in earnest making you feel fucking amazing and make sounds you didn’t even know you could make.

    Such a perfect ass.

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