So I’m a bottom and I like my hair, but everyone seems to keep it all shaved. Anyone mind this look?


  1. Do what makes you happy – I’m sure you’ll find a guy who likes it. Not everyone will, but then again not everyone prefers 100% shaved guys.

    For me, personally, I like a hairy guy with trimmed pubes and hole. That’s it – I’d keep everything else the same! Woof

  2. First thing is first, do what makes you happy and comfortable! Bc damn you look good 😉 I’m a bottom and I know I’m more self-conscious when I’m hairy down there. So I shave my legs, arms and arm pits, wax my pubes and ass cheeks and bleach my asshole. It’s a pain to keep up with, but I know the guys who I have been with really appreciate a mouth without hair haha. Plus when I get my hole licked I think it feels better when it’s all clean. 🙂 but that’s just me! Good luck with what you end up doing!

  3. My preference is trimmed in front and a little hair in the rear entry, but you do what makes you feel sexy

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